This is the page for those that wish to give me money. I have worked on a lot of things, most notably Brawl Hacking tools, as well as Project M (the premier brawl mod), Ono! (A tool for editing SSF4AE on PC/Xbox/PS3) and various other stuff.

I accept donations over paypal, with the following disclaimer. While donations are appreciated, donating does not nessesarily mean I will work on X project or add Y feature to X project. Sure, I’d like to do that, but sometimes life gets in the way. If you are donating with the intention of getting something back, contact me and let me know, id rather try to do it and have you donate after then have you donate and then I don’t have time, and then you feel sad and I feel sad and I spend the money on liquor. And no one wants that!

Here are a list of people that have donated to me!

If you donated and aren’t on the list, its because I didn’t receive a donation comment from you, or information on how you want to be credited as!

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