Introducing StreamGen!

StreamGen: Because dantarion is Lazy

So, I have found myself wanting to not only make more youtube videos, but also enter the Twitch/Hitbox arena. Now,  one of the things that makes my streaming efforts a lot different than others is that I have a LOT of things I need to display at once for my stream to work, other than just game, cam, and a blurb of info.

When I stream KenBot, id like to show the game itself, the GUI of the bot, and possibly the monitor I am using to code. Now, OBS is perfectly capable of doing what I want, but when it comes time to polish it and make overlays+backdrops, I found myself annoyed.

I am perfectly capable of opening up Photoshop, creating something that looks amazing, and then using that on my stream. However, one thing that bugs me is that if I wanted say, lower the gamesize by 20% and increase everything else in my stream layout to match, I’d have to go through the following process.

  1. Make whatever adjustments I need to do in my PSD in photoshop.
  2. Export to PNG
  3. Move around sources in OBS and resize them to fit perfectly on the new layout
  4. Stream

Now, this is fine for  a streamer that only has a couple different layouts, but I wanted a bit more flexibility! I am a web developer by trade, so my initial thought was, why not HTML!

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