The Legend of KenBot #3: Reaction Based Beast

KenBot v1 was very basic. Most of his gameplay revolved around one specific chain of events.

Is the opponent doing nothing? Mash DB,DF.

Is the opponent doing something near me? Mash D+PPP,F+PPP.

Am I being thrown? Mash Tech!

This alone proved effective, but with some limitations. I can’t seem to get past about 3 frames of input delay. This means that KenBot will never be able to react to a 3 frame move on reaction! However, since he mashes DB,DF, he has a 50% of randomly blocking one of them anyways. Command grabs will hit him, unless they are slow like Abel, Honda, etc.

Here KenBot counters cr.LP and cr.LK, but NOT st.LP or st.LK, because they are 4 frames So, this means that many jabs, and a ton of command grabs will just hit KenBot! And Shoryukens! And…a bunch of other stuff too. At this stage KenBot didn’t understand overheads, or moves that were too fast to punish with DP or Ultra. You could Focus backdash at the right distance and KenBot would fierce DP!

He had to become smarter! He had to become more aware! And in order to do so, I needed to get more feedback from the bot! So, I took KenBot, who at this point had a ton of hardcoded reactions for a few character states, and rewrote the code and added a GUI.

My next article will be about training KenBotv2 to…do a lot more than DP.

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